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School and Staff Info for 2021- 2022

St. Agnes School
330 Oxford St. W.
Moose Jaw, SK S6H 2P2
Phone: (306)694-1767
Principal: Justin Clewis –
Vice-Principal: Vivian Gauvin- 
Administrative Assistant: Sheila Maydanich –
Teaching Staff
Pre-Kindergarten: Melinda Daintree –
Kindergarten: Rachel Cronan –
Grade 1: Amy Novak –
Grade 1: Zachary Klyne- 
Grade 2: Deanna Gallipeau- 
Grade 2/3: Michelle Barkway –
Grade 3/4: Amy Davis-
Grade 4: Lorie Newberry –
Grade 5: Katie Fehr –
Grade 5: Reagan Carter- 
Grade 5/6: Dan Morari- 
Grade 6/7: Lee Smith-
Grade 7: Mackenzie Partridge-
Grade 8: Tara Gottslelig- 
Grade 8: Riley Parsons-  
Arts Education: Cherie Esson-
LLI: Marla Sawicki-
SSST: Jane Delmage –
Band: Jim Mitchell –
Support Staff
Library Assistant: Kathy Gallipeau –
Caretaker: Tim Zumstein- 
Nutritionist/Noon Supervisor/ Educational Assistant: Crystal Freeman-
Educational Assistant: Andrea Falasca- 
Educational Assistant: Jocelyn Kraus- 
Educational Assistant: Nicole Moore –
Education Assistant: Denise Ortman-
Educational Assistant: Diana Bisson –
Educational Assistant: Maureen Young-
Educational Assistant: Debra Eberts- 
Educational Assistant: Naomi Boczkowski-  
Noon Supervisor- Karen Lizee-
Noon Supervisor-Shawna Penna-