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SCC School Activities

Starting Tuesday September 17, 2019 St. Agnes SCC will once again be offering pizza lunch every Tuesday for $2.00 per slice. This was an amazing fundraiser for the SCC and all proceeds go towards important school improvements such as technology updates and playground upgrades. As always there will always be extra pieces ordered for any student bringing money that day, but please know the supply will be limited unless you place an order. 
Proceeds from this fundraiser go towards improving the facility for the staff and students of St. Agnes School.
St. Agnes Community Council are holding a “Hub Meat Market” fundraiser from Monday,
November 18 to Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Order forms have been sent home with
students. A variety of samples will be available during Parent/Teacher Conferences on
November 26 & 27. Please come out & sample these products. Thank you for your
continued support.